Cheeky Bands Set: *LIMITED EDITION* Leopard Print

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Set of three *LIMITED EDITION* resistances fabric bands for working multiple body parts, especially the legs and glutes.

  • NO SIZING ISSUES: All bands are 14". We vary the resistance of the fabric, not the band size, so every band fits perfectly. Being able to use ALL three bands effectively. Some companies vary the size of the bands, not the resistance, making the light band too long and the heavy band too short.
  • THREE RESISTANCES: Light, Medium, & Heavy resistance for a variety of exercises and fitness levels from beginner to advanced.
  • NO ROLLING OR SLIDING: Inner grips of each band mean they will never roll or slip during exercises.
  • NO BREAKING: Durable, thick, extra strength fabric making them nearly impossible to break. 12 month warranty included.
  • INCLUDED: Three limited edition print bands.
  • WORKOUTS INCLUDED: Follow our instagram for sample exercises and ways to use your new bands. @LevelUpProFitness