Long Resistance Power Band

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Resistance fabric long bands for full body strength training, pull up assists, and stretching.

  • MULTIPLE USES: Work your entire body with this long loop band. The band can stretch more so than rubber bands, making it more versatile.
  • COMFORTABLE: Will comfortably mold to your hands and feet during exercise. When on skin it is soft and comfortable, it will not dig in, pinch, or pull on the skin.
  • PREMIUM FABRIC: Safe and durable for many exercises, extra strength and extra thick so no worries of it snapping or breaking during use.
  • NO SIZING ISSUES: Bands are 41" and will stretch much greater, making it a good fit for people of all heights.
  • TWO STRENGTHS TO CHOOSE FROM: Use our medium or our heavy band for different exercises. Or double them up for extra resistance.
  • WORKOUTS COMING: Follow our instagram for sample exercises and ways to use your new bands. @LevelUpProFitness